DMARC Plus solution offers multiple types of licenses; Basic, plus and premium. Choose your type of license based on monthly compliant email volume and the needs of your organization and get 14-Day Trial . In case of any query feel free to contact us.

Free Basic Plus Enterprise
Monthly Price
Montly Price - $24 $240 $600
Basic Services
Number of Monitoring Domains
Number of Monitoring Domains 2 2 8 15
DMARC Capable Messages Per Month
DMARC Capable Messages Per Month 10,000 100,000 1,000,000 5,000,000
Data History
Data History 1 Month 3 Month 1 Year 1+ Year
Number of Users
Number of Users 1 1 3 Unlimited
Standard Domain Group
Standard Domain Group 1 1 3 Unlimited [Custom]
Advanced Services
Subdomain Detection
Subdomain Detection
Enrichment of DMARC Data
Enrichment of the DMARC Data
Unlimited Inactive Domains
Unlimited inactive domains
Processing DMARC Reports (RUA)
Processing DMARC Reports (RUA)
Processing DMARC Reports (RUF)
Processing DMARC Reports (RUF) ×
Automated notifications
Automated notifications ×
Forensic Viewer
Forensic Viewer ×
API Access
API Access × × ×
Domain Discovery
Domain Discovery × × ×
User Access Controls
User Access Controls × × ×
Single Sign On
Single Sign On × × ×
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