DMARC Plus provides a user-friendly guide to move organizations towards a reject policy as fast as possible. Our solution provides overall visibility and governance across all email channels. Everything is designed to make the DMARC process as smooth as possible.


Trouble-free deployment

Our DMARC Deployment is assisted by DMARC specialists who are always ready to assist. Our specialist team will ensure hassle-free deployment and maintenance


User-friendly Dashboards

DMARC Plus provides user-friendly dashboards with charts and graphs from the data processed of DMARC Reports. It allows organizations to analyze their DMARC data more efficiently. Our dashboard is designed to bring critical issues to your attention by summarizing information from DMARC Reports.


Weekly Reports

Weekly/Monthly in-detail reports of all processed DMARC reports. Reports summarize the status of DMARC and its alignment over a period of time. Reports can be also filtered on a daily or weekly basis.


Create DMARC records

With the DMARC Plus, it is possible to generate a custom DMARC record. Setting up a DMARC record with our DMARCPlus Analyzer is very easy. It is also possible to check DKIM, SPF and DMARC records.


Email Signature Validation

We verify the DKIM of all your emails which provides a mechanism for validating the domain name identity associated with your emails through cryptographic authentication.


SPF and DMARC Generation

Generate SPF and DMARC records easily. Use our SPF and DKIM wizards to generate SPF and DMARC records.


Alerts and Notifications

Enable real-time alerts and notifications. Alerts & Notifications setup enables SMS and email alert notifications for incident notifications and receives them in real-time.


Fast Analysis

Using the best available technology in our product ensures that our backend is stable and solid and DMARC charts are generated in near real-time with a better visualization. This enhances our user’s experience

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